Introductions are hard, and she never really knows what to say. Do a collection of words make someone who they are?   

about the slave:
21, owned. A lover of the earth, other human beings, and the smell of the pages of an old book. Hobbies: singing classical music, writing poetry, and giving massages. Loves: animals, pain, the written word, opera, doing things the old-fashioned way, backpacking and, of course, serving the Man who owns all of her-mind, body, soul, and cunt.

about her Master:
how slave describes her Master: strict, intelligent, extrovert, history-buff, sports-lover. Kind, well-spoken, sadist, opinionated. Lives His life with integrity, precision, and passion.  Rules His slave with high expectations and a strong forearm. 

how her Master describes His interests:
I am quite interested in the psychological aspect of D/s, the mindfuck, if you will…thrilled by the prospect of taking a slave and molding her into the vision of what, and who, I want her to be…a slave who willingly walks to the edge of the cliff and stands blindfolded, then jumps because she knows that there will be someone there to catch her…a slave who needs to put her trust into the hands of someone capable because she has ached her whole life to find that man….a slave who needs to serve, to obey, and to please because that is who she is. If you are that girl, I’d like to meet you.

about O/our dynamic:
Master/slave since June 2011, currently pursuing full time 24/7 TPE. 

about the blog:
a place to chronicle the slave’s growth in, and of, service to the Man who owns her. It’s written in third person, to remind slave of her place and purpose, and contains original writing and poetry, along with other goodies: resources that have helped her grow as a slave, music she enjoys, and pictures that she thinks will please her Master. 

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